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Natural Soap





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Gift Baskets For Lovers

Select one of our adorable, hand-crafted gift baskets and fill it with her favorite, Made in Broward, beauty items. When you support our young producers, you are truly giving a gift from the heart.

Gift Baskets For Baby Showers


Custom Designed Wedding Baskets

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Gift Baskets For Special Occasions

Our delightful gift baskets are the gifts that keep on giving. Fill them with beauty items, cookies or soft toys, for an enticing presentation. Your loved one will enjoy this unique storage basket for years to come.


 Farm To Body


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10 Reasons To Buy From Made In Broward


1. When you purchase from Made In Broward you are investing in future generations of producers. Through their work at Made In Broward, our young people develop the interpersonal skills essential to their success in the workplace. Your purchase helps support our local youth on an honest, safe path to a constructive, well-managed life. 

2. Our Bath and Personal Care Items are produced from wholesome natural ingredients. No parabens, sulfates or dyes,  just the essential ingredients that nurture your, skin, body and soul. 

3. Our honey is free from sugar-water and antibiotics, additives which plague mass-produced honey. As our bees pollinate the flowers and trees of Fort Lauderdale they produce honey that creates a natural resistance to local allergens.

4. When you buy gifts, honey and personal care items from Made in Broward you circulate money in your local community. Studies have shown that when you buy from small, locally owned business they go on to spend at other local businesses.

5. Buying from Made In Broward reduces environmental impact. Consider the environmental cost of transporting goods 7000 miles (China to the USA). Buying local just makes sense.

6. You can see your purchase has been produced in an environment that supports the development of young people. When you purchase goods from overseas you risk supporting exploitation. 

7. Made in Broward is committed to upcycling and sustainable production. Many of our raw materials are donated by local businesses and would otherwise be discarded. 

8. Made In Broward is a one-of-a-kind business that adds to Broward's distinctive charm. When you shop at Made In Broward you are celebrating our unique community and attracting diverse tourists. 

“When people travel they generally seek out destinations that offer them the sense of being someplace, not just anyplace.” – Richard Moe, President, National Historic Preservation Trust
Help spread the word that there is more to Fort Lauderdale than beautiful beaches and spring breakers.

9. Our healthy eating, baked goods, and teas are produced from the finest sustainable crops. Grown in our own chemical-free backyard or sourced from other local farms our natural food selection is both healthy and delicious.  

10. Made In Broward honey is produced by our very own beekeeper and bees. We have bee hives across Fort Lauderdale. Bees keep plants and crops alive. Without bees, we wouldn't have much to eat. 



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Just love being part of this organization and to support its sustainability programs while teaching my kids a healthier and more meaningful way of life by consuming and generating local, organic and sustainable products.
— Rafaela Lima Navarra

Your tax-deductible donation gives our young producers the skills to succeed in life.

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