Beard Oil

Beard Oil


Made in Broward Beard Oil comes in a generous 4oz bottle. Gently scented with almond and sandalwood with just a hint of patchouli.

Our beard oil will help you grow a healthy and glossy beard. Blended from a luscious combination of essential oils; argan oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil, sandalwood fragrance oil, patchouli essential oil, and lemon essential oil. Use two to three drops daily to prevent dandruff and flaky skin.

To apply

1 Put 2-3 drops of oil in your palms.

2 Spread it evenly in your palms and fingers.

3 Once the oil is distributed, brush your palms along the sides of your beard.

4 Do the same down the front

5 Then bring both hands up through the bottom of your beard.

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