Featured Producer Thalisa 4/10/2018

Thalisa could be considered a founder member of Made In Broward as she has been one of our young producers and 4-H member for the past four years. 

Thalisa has set herself the goal of attending medical school and with the skills she has acquired at  Made In Broward she is on the right path.

In addition to gaining many life skills, Thalisa believes learning to sew has helped her develop the eye-hand coordination necessary for a brain surgeon (one career path she is considering ). Many of the adorable soft toys and intricate purses available for purchase have been produced by Thalisa's steady hand.

Thalisa happily takes on the role of instructor to those new to Made In Broward. Remembering her initial frustration when learning to sew, she passes on all the tricks and hacks she has developed over the years. This ability to work through her frustration and create solutions shows a talent far beyond her years.

When you talk to Thalisa you can not help but be wowed by her energy and confidence. There is no doubt this girl is going to make an impression on the world.

An Interview With Thalisa

1. What do you see yourself doing in 5 years? 10 years?

In five years I see myself about to enter my 4th year of college having received my associates prior. I will attend one of Florida's top colleges such as UF, FSU or UCF. During his time I will be throwing discuss and pole vaulting for the school I attend, having everything paid for. In 10 years, I see myself in my first few years of the profession I'm majoring in. I will have gotten 4-5 years of experience and will be working my way up.

2. Do you have a favorite movie?  How does it make you feel?

My favorite movie is, The Pursuit Of Happiness. It gives me hope. During the movie, the main character was able to come from a low place in life, struggle to move up and achieve his goal for his family and himself.

7. Have you thought about what career or job you want to have?

Currently, my Plan A is to be a Physical Therapist, my plan B is to be a Dentist than an Orthodontist and my plan C is to be a Brain Surgeon.

8. Do you think you're more creative or practical? Would you illustrate this with an example from your life?

I'm more practical; although I can be very creative at times, in life I tend to be practical. The things that I choose to do with my life needs to be sure to put me in a good position to succeed. Otherwise, I don't tend to take the risk.

9. What motivates you the most?

The life that I inspire to live motivates me. I would like to be able to save enough to travel later in life, buy the things I'd like for myself, be more than financially stable, make connections, possibly help people to live a better life, live happily and make money in my sleep.

4-h producers (5).png

3. What music makes you particularly happy?

Personally, I feel that almost all music can put me in a good mood depending on how I'm feeling. If I'm in a down mood, I listen to upsetting music until I feel like a weak person and play something empowering.

4. How do you handle stress?

I tend to walk away, have a mini breakdown to myself, and calm my mind.

5. What do you enjoy doing for fun? What is it you enjoy about this activity?

Something that I've learned that I enjoy doing is to cook alone. I like the feeling of creating a dish and overall I love to eat.

6. What is your favorite thing to do outdoors? What makes this activity fun for you?

I like doing sports. I feel that I can say I'm good at what I do and getting better is a great feeling.


10. Do you wish there were any other extracurricular activities you could be involved in?

I'm in a lot of extracurricular at the moment but if I could choose one to be involved in another as well, it would be American sign language.

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